Company Profile

  • Company Name: Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co., Ltd.
  • Foundation: Sep. 30, 1954
  • Chairman: BERT M.H.HUANG
  • Capital: US$ 70 millions
  • Employees: 800 in Taiwan, 418 in China (2017)

Main Products

CNC Lathe, Machining Center and Plastic Injection Machine.

Contract Projects

  • Vertical Integration Management
  • Strategy of Diversification
  • Automated Production
  • Globalization

International Branches

  • China: Guangzhou、Shanghai
  • U.S.A、France、Germany、South Africa、Malaysia、Thailand、Indonesia
South Africa

Victor Taichung machinery was established as a machine tools manufacturer in 1954. Now, the company has specialized in high value-added products and services in the machinery industry.

R&D in one place, production in two places, and marketing worldwide.

Global Footprint (Marketing Office):

U.S., France, Germany, South Africa, India, Thailand and more.

Manufacturing Plants:

Victor Taichung global headquarters and Smart factory, Plastic Machine Factory, sheet metal factory and foundry in central Taiwan, Victor Taichung Machinery in Shanghai, Victor ZhongTai in Guangzhou, China.

Victor Taichung is dedicated to being the leading automation solution provider, and the company continuously leverages its software and hardware to enhance its smart manufacturing abilities. The company has committed to being the smart machinery operator and industrial manufacturer in Taiwan.