Quality / Production Management

Production management:

  • We continuously improve the production process, invest a lot on the efficiency of manpower and material resources, raise the product quality. In this year we will devote to the second cleaning process of PET bottles, and the improvement of the unpacking and screening operations before the bottle bricks are in manufacture.
  • Sunny Environmental Consultants,LTD., is the only production plant in Taiwan that contains all processes from cleaning bottles to extracting ester pellets.
  • Sunny Environmental Consultants,LTD., is a plastic container recycling plant approved by the Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan. From the raw materials imported into the factory, production management, shipment of finished product, and wastes disposal... etc., all are controled by the Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan and its commissioned foundation.
  • Sunny Environmental Consultants,LTD., is environmentally friendly with a complete wastewater treatment system and consistent line operation that agree with the emission standards of industrial zone management.