Company Profile

Sunny Environmental Consultants, Ltd., the EPA approved professional recycling plastic containers treatment factory and top quality recycled plastics supplier, was founded in 1999. Tainan totally occupied 18,000 m2 were established in specialized production of recycled PET、PVC scraps in past ten years.Administration and sales is responsibly run in Taipei office. Our sales markets include China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Middle East and America. The amount of recovered waste each year not just effectively reduces the landfill load in Taiwan, but also regenerated to high quality plastic feedstock.

Business Scope:

  • PET bottles go through the extruder system to produce regenerated PET ester pellets for sale.
  • After the used PET bottles are retrieved, they are cleaned, sorted and pulverized to make new PET bottles for sale.
  • After the used PE bottles and other plastic containers are retrieved, they are cleaned, sorted and grinding to make new PE Flakes or sale.
  • Save energy all the time to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Follow government's environmental laws, customer requirements, and other relevant regulations.

Business Doctrinism:

  • Committed to be a professional recycling plastics manufacturer and supplier. We promise to provide quality-stable, supply-stable recycling plastics in combination with our customers’ needs and growth.
  • Dedicated to community contribution and environmental protection. We promise to sustain our efforts on environmental policies and resource recovery.


  • Victor-Sunny has awarded the "Resource Circulation Label" for the evaluation of recycling, recovery and reprocessing of waste in 2022.