Faced with rising labour costs, Taiwanese companies are increasingly utilizing the latest sophisticated technologies to go beyond conventional automation to embrace Industry 4.0. A growing number of Taiwanese manufacturers are making the leap to smart factories, reflecting the worldwide trend towards industrial automation. Smart manufacturing entails automating both the operations of a factory and its management, utilizing a combination of automation technology, IoT (Internet of Things), and artificial Intelligence (AI). Revamping a factory with smart machinery carries the potential of significantly reduced operational costs and improved efficiency and quality.

The trend also poses some major challenges for Taiwan’s industrial sector. One is the need for specialized talent, including those trained in AI, automation, robotics, industrial control, IoT, communications and software. Another larger challenge is ensuring information security - a critical factor given the central role of the Internet in smart manufacturing processes. Being a leading machinery manufacturer in Taiwan, Victor Taichung Machinery is continuously devoted to developing new generation machine tools. Likewise, the company has deployed the same concepts and ideas with its new manufacturing building and headquarters, which is situated alongside the smart factory. “To provide a better working environment for all our employees and a greener environment for the Earth, which is what really concerns us as individuals and a company, we have incorporated all the green factory elements, along with the smart factory elements, into these new buildings,” said Victor Taichung Chairman Bert Huang.

Victor Taichung Intelligent Factory 2020

Victor Taichung Smart factory Solution 360 (3D video)

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