Founded in 1954, Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co., Ltd . started with making conventional lathes in Taiwan and now steadily supplies CNC lathes and machining centers by devoting her management to non-stop R&D and innovations. With more than 65% in-house manufacturing and her own foundry to offer highly reliable Meehanite® castings to further assure machine quality. All products are marketed globally under the brand names VICTOR or FORTUNE (in North America) which highlight her strong position as the leading machine tool manufacturer in Taiwan.

Insisting on "Technology Innovations and Quality Superiority", Victor Taichung is continuously devoted to developing new generation of machine tools. Likewise, Victor Taichung has deployed the same concepts and ideas with its new manufacturing building and headquarters to open its new US$120 million smart factory in January, 2020. The total area of Victor Taichung’s new smart factory complex is close to 64 000m2 under roof with the manufacturing building making up 47 000m2 over three floors, which cover automated parts storage and material handling, automated unmanned machining lines and assembly areas. Each area is serviced by AGV (automatic guided vehicles) to collect, transport, load and unload machines to ensure components are ready for assembly.

“Smart and adaptive is what we have deployed in all our enterprise resource planning and manufacturing execution systems at our new Victor Taichung factory complex in central Taiwan, all with the common goal of manufacturing better quality equipment delivered on time. Production lines making machine tools now operate independently on a continuous basis, while plant managers monitor operations remotely on mobile devices. The company’s smart machines, robotic arms, sensors, and automated warehousing devices are all connected by means of the company’s industrial IoT system,” said Victor Taichung Chairman Bert Huang.

Green Building

To ensure marketing for her own products, Victor Taichung has invested considerably in setting up a global distribution network. As well as numerous agents around the world the Victor group has 8 technical support and distribution centers located in USA, France, Germany, South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand and China. These centers act not only to market our machines but also to provide our customers with an efficient after-sales service and technical support. In 2019, Victor Taichung celebrates her 65 anniversary and is greatly confident to meet the fierce challenge of machine tool market.

To strive for perpetual development and technological innovations, Victor Taichung will keep on manufacturing modern machine tools with greater value added and creating prosperous future for the industry.

No.1 machine tool builder from Taiwan Quality Meehanite Castings - The backbone of VICTOR machines

Being both ISO 9001approved and a Meehanite cast member, our foundry produces over 1000 tons of castings a month for both our own use and export to Japan.

Modern machining facilities - 65% of components manufactured in house.

To ensure greater control over the quality of our machined parts, VICTOR Taichung has introduced 2 giant 5-side machining centers and 2 complete FMS lines developed in house.

Intelligent Green Factory

  • Land area: 31,040.49 m2, Floor area of building: 63,582.45 m2
  • Solar Cells on roof , power capacity: 2000 kWP (2 MW at peak output)
  • Ecological landscape, water recycling, energy-saving lightning
  • VSP: Victor Smart Production (Assembly) with on-line situation monitoring
  • VSM: Victor Smart Machining with unmanned cells and Scada system.