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Alloy Wheel Machining & Turnkey

With the increasing demand for bigger Alloy wheel manufacturing, Victor Taichung not only comes up with vertical lathes with twin turrets for higher productivity and easier loading/unloading, but a machining center with CNC rotary table and fixture for valve hole and bolt hole drilling. Linking machines with robot and measuring facilities, Victor Taichung offer a turnkey solution with unmanned operation for Alloy wheel machining.

Vturn-18W/22W Horizontal Lathe for Wheel Machining


Vturn-V22W / V26W Vertical Lathe for Bigger Alloy Wheel Machining

Vturn-V22W / V26W

Vcenter-22W 3-Axis Vertical Machine Center for Alloy Wheel Production


Vcenter-H26W 4-Axis Horizontal Machining Center for Alloy Wheel Production