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Vertical Turning Lathes Vturn-V1000

Vertical Turning Center


Following the success of Vturn-V760, with a swing diameter of 1100mm (43.3") and a maximum turning diameter of 1000mm (39.4"), this VTL Vturn-V1000 with its powerfull 45kw (60HP) spindle motor coupled to a 2-step gearbox provides high torque at low rpm's.

The Vturn-V1000 Vertical Turning Lathe offers a swing over bed of 1100mm with a maximum turning diameter of 1m and an overall turning length of 850mm. For manufacturers producing large parts that demand heavy cutting, the configuration of a VTL and the natural fall of swarf from the work area provides instantaneous benefits. This Vturn-V1000 Vertical Turn Machine is ideal for larger diameter components.

Item \ model   Unit Vturn-V1000 (CM)
Capacity Swing over bed mm 1100
Swing over carriage mm 870
Max. turning dia. mm 1000
Max. turning length mm 850 (825)
Max. turning length mm 885 (756)
Travel X axis stroke mm 500+40
Z axis stroke mm 850
Spindle Max. spindle speed rpm 1500
Spindle base speed rpm 96
Spindle nose   A2-15
Spindle bore mm 105
Inner bearing (front) mm 200
Chuck diameter inch 24” (opt. 28”/32”/36”/40”)
Max. part weight kg 1250
Turret No. of tools no. 12
No. of live tools (opt.) no. 12 (BMT-85)
Tool shank size mm 32
Max. boring bar dia. mm 60 (opt. 80)
Exchange time sec. 1 (hydraulic)
(0.2 servo for CM)
Feedrate Rapid federate m/min X/Z = 20/20
X axis ballscrew mm f50 x P8
Z axis ballscrew mm f50 x P8
JOG feedrate mm/min X/Z=0~1260
Motor Spindle motor kw 37/45
Gearbox kw ZF Gearbox (STD)
X/Z axis servo motor kw X:4, Z:7
Milling motor kw 7
Machine Fanuc controller   0i-TD
Coolant tank Liter 400
W × L × H (including chip conveyor) mm 2510 x 4155 x 3546
Power requirement kVA 83 (90 for CM)
Net weight kg 16000