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Vcenter-22W Vertical 4-axis machining center

CNC Vertical Wheel Machining Center


  • Vertical 4-axis machining center with rotary table and drillingfixture.
  • Flipping over wheel size up to 22" x11.5J or 24" x10J for rear boring on valve hole and TPMS hole.
  • Ram and arm type ATC for quick tool changeover time.
  • Four screw chip removers minimize chip build-up.

Shortest 3-axis travels for high highest rigidity facilitate drilling and rear boring on wheel valve hole and/or TPMS hole up to wheel size 22-inch X 11.5J (or even 24-inch X 10.5J).

ITEM Units Vcenter-22W
X axis travel mm (inch) 850 (33.46)
Y axis travel mm (inch) 600 (29.59)
Z axis travel mm (inch) 610 (24.02)
Spindle nose to table mm (inch) 188~802 (7.4~31.57)
Spindle center to column mm (inch) 735 (28.93)
Wheel range (incl. rear boring) inch 22 x 11.5J (or 24 x 10J)
Spindle motor (cont./30min/10min) kW (HP) 11/15/18.5 (15/20/25)
Rotary table (A-axis) deg 360 (22" x 11.5J)
Spindle speed rpm 8000
X/Y/Z axis rapid feedrate m/min (IPM) 48/48/32 (1890/1890/1260)
A axis feed rate rpm 11
X/Y/Z/A axis feed motor kW (HP) 3/3/3/3 (4/4/4/4)
Cutting feedrate by table m/min (ipm) 10 (393)
Max. tool length mm (inch) 350 (13.8)
Max. tool weight Kg (lbs) 7 (15.47)
Max. tool diameter [without adjacent tools] mm (inch) 80[125] (3.15[4.92])
Tool exchange time sec 2.0 (T-T), 4.3 (C-C)
Pull stud angle deg. 15 (JIS 40P)
Magazine capacity   16 (disk)
Coolant tank Liter (gallon) 580 (153.2)
Power requirement kVA 33
Controller Fanuc 0i-MF (Type 1)
Machine dimension
(incl. chip conveyor and stepper)
mm (inch) 4178 x 3800 x 3210
(164.48 x 149.6 x 126.38)
Machine weight Kg (lbs) 7450 (16390)